Pulse Lite 2

In Ear Wireless Sportsbuds

Push your training further with driving sound and high definition audio with Pulse Lite2’s 6hrs of non-stop HD play time.

Pulse Air

True Wireless Sportsbuds

The Pulse Air True Wireless ear buds, deliver thumping bass and wireless freedom.

Pulse Zone

Over-Ear Wireless Headphones

Push harder with over 30hrs play time, powerful mega bass HD audio and deluxe noise isolation ear cups for pulse sound delivery.

Pulse Soul

On-Ear Wireless Headphones

Stylishly designed and engineered to provide crisp rhythm and bass you can feel, Pulse Soul offer pulse sound clarity to enhance your performance.

Audio for active


Rich & Mich are an active lifestyle brand focused on developing audio products that inspire people to get fit.

Using innovative materials combined with stylish design and engineering, Rich & Mich premium wireless sportsbuds and headphones provide energised HD audio and pulse sound clarity, perfect for use during everyday activities or intense physical workouts.

The Perfect Fit

The Rich & Mich Pulse Mini2 premium wireless in-ear sportbuds deliver energised HD audio, inspiring you to push through even the most intense workouts.

Design, Fit and Stability

Complete with 4 stabiliser sizes and ear tips, the Pulse Mini2 allows you full customisation for a personalised fit and seal for the ultimate in pulse sound delivery. The Mini2 is designed to never fall

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Fast charging & Deluxe Carry Case

The Pulse Mini2 charges in 30 minutes and comes with a deluxe carry case for storage and protection, making it one of the most durable and functional active in-ear sportsbuds on the market.


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30 minutes full charge time

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With any Bluetooth

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Style & Substance With Rhythm & Bass You Can Feel

The Rich & Mich Propel Soul Wireless On-Ear Headphones have been engineered stylishly to provide rhythm and deep bass you can feel.

Design, Comfort and

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Pulse comfort, deluxe antimicrobial sweat-proof ear cups and a combination of lightweight plastic and aluminium construction provide a durable and stylish framework for delivering pulse sound clarity. The Pulse Soul offers a secure, comfortable fit for either leisure or intense gym workouts.

Extended Battery Life and HD Audio

The Pulse Soul delivers an amazing 24 hours of playback on a single charge. The Pulse Soul uses high quality audio components

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to deliver excellent high quality audio without the high price tag.

Mega Bass & Enhanced Sound Purity

The Rich & Mich Pulse Zone wireless over-ear headphones deliver over 30 hrs of HD playback with Mega Bass and enhanced sound purity allow you to switch on and zone in.

Design, Comfort and Sound

With its robust encasing, stealth like appearance and deluxe comfort ear cups, the Pulse Zone offers an understated yet stylish headphone purpose built for those who like it full of bass and loud.

Extended Battery Life and HD Audio

Featuring the best-in-class wireless range, and impressive 30hrs of HD audio playback and call capabilities with 1 touch controls the Pulse Zone offers the best in powerful, untethered training.

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Enhanced sound delivery