Phone Numbers

The fastest way to contact us is either via live chat or email. Our Contact Centre details are below: North America | +1 855 9 258 326 (+1 855 9 RICH & MICH) Operating hours 9am – 6pm PST, Monday to Friday Australia | 1300 669 049 Operating hours 9am –...

What is Text To Speech (TTS)

Text To Speech technology converts normal language text into synthesized speech. Rich & Mich products such as the S4 car speakerphone and the T1 headset use Text To Speech technology to announce the name of the incoming caller.

What is a Duplex

In the context of Bluetooth devices, “duplex” or “full duplex” means that two way communications are possible. Although a half-duplex system would provide communication in both directions, the signal would only be able to travel in one...

What is a Firmware?

Many of Rich & Mich’s devices allow you to upgrade the device firmware. This is the software embedded on the device that controls its functions and features.

What is AVRCP?

Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) is a profile that allows Bluetooth devices to remotely control audio and video media on another device. For example, by stopping and starting tracks, and skipping to the next or previous track.

What is DSP

Several Rich & Mich devices incorporate an advanced Digital Signal Processor (DSP) noise cancellation software solution. The DSP processes the audio data in real time in order to reduce wind noise and other interference, giving you outstanding call quality no...