If you are experiencing problems running a firmware update, please review the following tips and suggestions.

If your Rich & Mich device is now unresponsive then this is because it is still in update mode. Running a successful update on the device will restore it back to normal operation.

Do you need to run an update?

All Rich & Mich devices now ship with the latest firmware installed.

You may already have the latest firmware for your device.

Before attempting an update, please check the version number shown next to your Rich & Mich device in your phone’s list of paired devices.

If you already have the latest firmware on your device then you do not need to update.

Are you using a desktop or a laptop?

Most modern laptops have built in Bluetooth, which will interfere with the update. Please turn off Bluetooth on your laptop and try again.

What Operating System does your computer use?

The updater only supports 32 bit Windows machines running Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. It will not run on a 64 bit Windows machine or a Mac.

Do you have any other Bluetooth devices connected to your computer?

To avoid any interference with the update, please turn off and disconnect any other Bluetooth devices from your computer and try again.

Is your Antivirus or Firewall software blocking the updater?

The updater connects to the internet to download the latest update files. Please make sure that your antivirus or firewall software is configured to allow the updater to connect to the internet.

If you see an “Error 1003 or 1004” then the updater has not been able to connect. You may need to temporarily disable your antivirus/firewall software while you run the update. Please remember to turn it back on again when you have finished.

Did you use a USB port that is directly connected to your computer?

The updater will not work if you connect your device through a USB hub. This is a third party device that may be external or internal. Using a USB port that is directly connected to the PC’s motherboard will avoid this problem.

The directly connected ports are typically located on the back of your computer, above the microphone and speaker audio jacks.

You should also avoid using a USB extension cable.

Did you click “Continue Anyway” or “Install Anyway” when you were prompted?

The updater needs to install Rich & Mich driver files. Windows will show you a message about “Windows Logo Testing” and ask you to confirm that you allow these files to be installed. You must click “Continue Anyway” or “Install this software anyway” when prompted.

If you clicked “STOP Installation” then please try the update again using a different USB port. Make sure you click “Continue / Install Anyway” this time.

If you have tried all of the above and are still having problems, please contact us for help.