Some network providers may list different number of digits for incoming calls. If you have already sync’d your contacts to your Rich & Mich device but it did not announce the caller’s name, then we suggest that you check the phone number displayed on your caller ID and ensure that it matches the number saved on your phone.

Basically, the contact that you have saved onto your phone must be identical to the incoming number displayed on your phone’s screen. This also includes international codes consisting of the + prefix.

Here are a few more things we would like you to try.

• Do not link your social/media accounts to the contact list on your phone as this may not match up with the network’s Caller ID.

• All contacts MUST be saved onto your phone’s memory or sync’d Google account. Contacts that are saved on the SIM card will not be sync’d.

• Phonebook access for Android OS v4 and above MUST require you to accept authorization via the phone. There will be an option that appears during the pairing process. The ACCEPT button must be clicked within the first 20 seconds or otherwise, it will time out.

• Ensure that the phone number is saved in the Phone category. E.g. Phone, email, fax…etc.